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Neuroscience For Industry

Neuroscience sheds understanding on how the brain and central nervous system help construct the world around us. Furthermore, technology is now working in symbiosis with science to give us a deeper, clearer, and more detailed vision of ourselves and our behaviours. Thus, in 2014 we started the Cognitive Academy to cater to industry professionals and businesses which are increasingly interested in how neuroscience can be applied to industry.


Who are the classes for? Our Cognitive Academy classes are for individuals and companies in design, branding, and/or tech. Understanding how people think, feel, and experience the world around them, will give you insight to help create more informed products or services.

Format Each semester, consisting of three classes, is looking at one particular thematic. The classes are designed so that they can be taken as a course in its entirety, or to be taken as individual / separate classes so that you can join in at any point. Each class is 90 minutes and it starts with a scientific review on a specific topic, giving you an opportunity to understand and question neuroscientific theories. The main lecture is then followed by a workshop and/or discussion to give you an opportunity to apply it to your work. Each class is small, no more than 15 people to give you an opportunity to ask questions and to extrapolate insights for your industry. All the classes are taught by neuroscientists with experience in both academia and industry.

Research Ethics The science is thoroughly researched and prepared for commercial application. The purpose is to gain an understanding of how people perceive and interact with the world around them. We aim to stay honest to the science whilst making it accessible and applicable to industry. By honest, we mean that we research a wide range of studies and data, which at times show different findings in order to bring you a diverse set of theories. It also means that we will not take a reductionist approach nor will we claim that neuroscience is an “answer” or predictive.

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