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Our collectives exist because we believe work spaces are about knowledge transfer, and having the ability to further our skill sets with peers, enabling us to grow new talents and learn from equally as talented minds who offer us something new.

The Collectives set challenging questions ensuring that education isn’t something that stops at school. Our setting allows us to bounce ideas and experiments off of each other, start collaborations or just get the inspiration for a new and exciting project.





The Design Collective is discussing the topic of the ‘Future of Brand’.

More than ever before we are bombarded by a non-stop stream of brands and messaging.

This is causing an information overload, therefore how are we as people coping with the pace of change? How is this changing our behaviour?

Can brands remain relevant to us and if so, how?



Neuroscience is set to be one of the most high growth industries in the next 5 years. It influences our experience of the world, the advancement of technology (AI), and the augmentation of our cognitive abilities. It will touch every aspect of our lives.

Neuroscience is also going through a change as it bridges its transition into industry. The movement is driven by both an industry need for more sophisticated tools and a desire for the discipline to move beyond academia.

Visit the MEETUP page that we run for more information.



The Technology Collective has recently been discussing topics including:

1 – The environmental sustainability of producing large amounts of data

2 – Humanising Technology

3 – Cognitive Technology

Our partnership with Cambridge Coding Club means that we are set to be hosting a wide variety of events around the subject and pull in some great speakers.