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THECUBE is a coworking space in Shoreditch, East London. We are  home to freelancers and small businesses with an interest in science, technology and design.


The biggest asset that we offer is our community, we are boutique space, so people here really get to work together and foster long lasting collaborations. Our biggest testament to our community atmosphere is how long our members stay with us. There is still a core group of founding members, who have been in our coworking space since our start in 2009.


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Our coworking space has been designed to provide our members with a calm, welcoming, and friendly place to work.  To achieve this we have used natural materials, plants, natural light, high ceilings, and changing art pieces.


THECUBE has several member-led collectives and organises events around three core disciplines – science, technology, and design –  to further our skill sets with peers, enabling us to grow new talents and learn from equally as talented minds who offer us something new.


  • Design Collective: Here we examine the ‘The Future of Brand’ in the Fourth Industrial Evolution.
  • Neuroscience London: Here we discuss the potential for neuroscience moving beyond academia. For examples of past events, and to attend any upcoming ones please click here.
  • Technology Collective: Organising events and workshops around big data, cognitive technology, and the need to humanise technology.