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THECUBE workspace

THECUBE is home to individuals and organisations with an interest in science, technology and design. Our workspace is for the new leading generation, which believes in knowledge mobility, a purposeful space, and an enriching culture. We curate to the following qualities: curiosity, creativity and willingness to contribute to a tight knit community.

The space itself is filled with plants, natural light, high ceilings and changing art, creating a comfortable ecosystem that has our members wellbeing in mind.


THECUBE has a strong regular cultural programme that is co-curated with our members, both internally as well as open to the public. Subject matters of the events are within the three pillars of science, technology and design, and connects academia, thinkers and industry to discuss complex questions which will impact future innovation.

We are partnered with universities and organisations both locally and globally, such as the Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins, Loughborough University, London College of Communications, and Michigan State University, as well as Virgin Media and Kjaer Global.