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THECUBE is a coworking space that is home to individuals and organisations with an interest in science, technology and design.

We offer our members a calm and friendly space to work. We have designed the space with a lot plants, natural light, natural materials, high ceilings and changing art.
This helps create a happy ecosystem that has the wellbeing of our members at heart.

THECUBE has several member-led collectives and organises events around three core disciplines – science, technology, and design –  to further our skill sets with peers, enabling us to grow new talents and learn from equally as talented minds who offer us something new.

Design Collective: Here we examine the ‘The Future of Brand’ in the Fourth Industrial Evolution.

Neuroscience London: Here we discuss the potential for neuroscience moving beyond academia.

Technology Collective: Organising events and workshops around big data, cognitive technology, and the need to humanise technology.