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We work with organisations that are looking for a deeper understanding of how people interact, perceive, and communicate. We work in a collaborative manner with all of our clients to ensure that the right “thesis” question is being asked. Once we have a thesis, we conduct an industry trend analysis to ensure that the scientific research has context and is relevant to our client’s audience.



The National Health Service (NHS) is the largest publicly funded health service in the world.

THECUBE provided CEO’s of Hospitals and GP’s with cognitive neuroscience workshops that examine the mechanisms behind perception and how it influences how we adapt our thinking and the development of new tools fit for the 21st century. The workshops were followed up by small reports for future implementation.

Full Case Study Here


Seen Displays 

Seen Displays provides their client’s with retail activations which enhance a brand’s engagement with their customer.

Our research lab provided them with a series of workshops on Curiosity, Cognitive Flexibility, Memory, and Attention. We also provided them with an industry report on how neuroscience can shed insights for retail activations.

Full Case Study Here


Lloyds TSB

Lloyds group is one of the largest banking and financial institutions in the UK.  We provided them with a workshop on Change, specifically how the brain experiences change and what that means for problem-solving.

Full Case Study Here