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Neuroscience is shedding significant understanding on how the brain and the central nervous system help construct the world around us. We provide organisations with internal workshops, and reliable well crafted industry specific reports.



The world has become highly complex and is dictating a faster pace of innovation. This means companies will need to become smarter. However, it is not as straightforward as simply requesting your team or organisation to be smarter or faster. 


We need to learn new cognitive skills, gain a deeper of understanding of how people think and provide the mental tools for the challenges ahead. This is where neuroscience is helping companies equip their teams with better problem-solving tools. This new world of “smart” is not just about technology it is about human intelligence. 


A typical workshop is tailored to fit with an organisation’s needs and in the context of their industry. We focus on two main areas of cognitive neuroscience; perception and cognition. 


The workshops are either 90 or 180 minutes depending on the depth and subject required by the organisation. 


Perception:               Cognition:

Attention                       Curiosity

Memory                         Cognitive Flexibility

Schemas                        Emotions



Reports are bespoke to each industry and company. Each report is divided into four parts; an industry overview, cultural trend analysis, neuroscience for industry and case studies. 


Our reports are created by our dedicated in-house team of neuroscience researchers, culture analysts and visual editors.