NEW PODCAST: The new image of futurism


THECUBE is partnering with RENAISSANCE to produce its first podcast. We want this podcast to tell a new narrative; one that showcases the current and past achievements of people of colour in science, technology, and art. We also want to talk about the mental and psychological aspects of growing up with racism and a colonialist legacy. How it fatigues our brain and adds to the challenge of creating a future.


PART 1: How racism and colonialism delays us creating the future.

People who originally suffered from colonialism are the same ones who continue to suffer under the structure of racism. Racism puts physiological stress on people of colour as they mentally struggle with racial prejudice and the red tape established to keep certain people in power. This all happens even before the struggle of creating a career path starts. What does this mean from mental and psychological perspective? How do people of colour find the mental space to imagine and create, especially those who feel the effects of racism through being incarcerated or held slave to a biased economic system?

The people paving the way What are we all doing to elevate the collective, not just ourselves? How we can do more and identify who’s already doing big steps in the movement? Who are the MVPs in art, science, tech right now?



Here at THECUBE we are super excited to be working with Julian Knox from RENAISSANCE! We have known Julian close to 5 years now, with him initially participating in THECUBE’s Enterprise Programme for Young Adults. We will keep you updated here on any podcast developments, so watch this space!