2015 Global Overview

5th Feb 2015

by Araceli Camargo

We are going to begin the year with an economic and cultural overview. Staying aware of how things are evolving on a macro level can help you steer your business growth. Firstly, according to the World Economic Forum, “the world has continued to undergo a series of transformational shifts”. In every area of industry and society, the scope of problems continues to grow. Looking at the 2015 agenda, one can get an idea that we have many complex to solve, which to an extent means opportunity and that is exciting. I remember doing a lecture in New York City in 2011, I was beginning my series of lectures on the need for a smarter way of thinking, especially as we had entered a new era. One of the people in attendance raised his hand and confidently said “ but most of the hard problems have been solved, what do we need to solve?”  That comment still amuses me, given our current state of innovation. The current workforce has the chance to solve problems that the workforce of the 20th century did not even get a chance to contemplate. In other words, they were driven by the production of things rather than pollution, equal health, complex diseases, etc.

Below find one of the three top global trends, go forth and solve.

INEQUALITY This is an interesting paradox, as the world economic health is on the rise again so is the amount of people entering into poverty. The inequality runs deeper than having a lack of money for some, it is creating a bigger and bigger gap between opportunity and poverty. This is to say that it is only get harder for someone from a deprived background to get out of poverty. For example, poverty now means that you have less access to technology, this is creating another type of illiteracy and economic gap.

In a sense it takes a lot more money to make money. Not discrediting the hard work of the boomers, they needed a lot less to move up the ladder. If you were smart and hardworking, it was possible to rise, there were scholarships available, lower tuitions, and your starting salary afforded you a home. Now, this is not the case, a child coming from a deprived background has less resources and needs more technology to advance. Imagine going through school right now without a laptop or access to the internet, it is not possible.