At the start of every year we all make goals that focus on individual success and due to everything that has happened since 2016 this mind frame seems outdated. If we want to challenge how things are done, we will have to do it as a group, not as individuals.
We are all going to be better off, if we focus on the “we” rather than the “I”.
How do we come together as a community?
How do we work better together?
How to we bring more people to the conversation?
How do we lift people up that may need a bit more help?
There are three demographics we will concentrate on for the year.
POC in STEAM: We will be highlighting and giving a platform to people of colour who are working in art, science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.
Over 45’s:People who are over 45 years old, we see these people as essential to conversation and are often ignored in conversations about innovation.
Science: This will be a continuance from our past work, however we will be much more focused and launching a “science enterprise” event series.


As always any thoughts or ideas are welcome! Have an awesome 2018.