Beyond the Brain – Elastic Nature: Sensing Nature

13th September 2018 (7pm)

Elastic Nature is an art research club bringing together interdisciplinary researchers, practitioners and thinkers around the broad subject of ‘the future nature’ via artificial life, sympathetic synthetics, sensory realities, materiality and speculative bodies.


The first session will be held Thursday 13th September 2018 at THECUBE, Shoreditch as part of the Beyond The Brain residency.


We will be exploring the role of the senses + materials in our understanding of ‘nature’ and the ‘natural’.


We’ll have exclusive access to the specialist collection of material consultants and curators Material Driven and will be joined by artist/researcher/educator Jhinuk Sarkar who will lead us through a unique ‘sensory mediation’ exercise.


Through hands-on (eyes on, ears on…) interactivity and stimulating discussion points, participants will contribute to a collective conversation and take away tools for their own creative practice or meditation.


What does it tell us about the role the senses play in understanding nature and the natural? Do we all experience nature differently? What are the possible applications of these materials? How can understanding how we sense nature contribute to our understanding of its reality?


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About Elastic Nature

Elastic Nature is a project by artist and researcher Becky Lyon. Through interactive workshops, seminars, breakfast salons and screenings we’ll stimulate conversation, ideas and the imagination around the changing shape of nature addressing subjects such as:

  • How are we creating different forms of nature? And for what purpose?
  • To what extent can these new forms of nature help remediate the planet?
  • What constitutes artificial nature? And is there such as thing as natural anyway?
  • What roles do culture, cognition, sensory mediation play in our understanding of nature and the ‘reality’ of it?
  • How have new forms of nature/ life been represented through speculative and science fiction? And how useful are these fictions in modelling the future?
  • To what extent is life contained by the ‘body’? (…and what is the ‘body’ anyway?)
  • What’s the future of the stuff of life – what will living things be made of?
  • Can synthetic nature ever be more sublime and more beneficial to the biosphere than wild nature?
  • How is technology changing the way we view nature – for better or worse?

Findings will be published in an ongoing research dossier. Find out about future events at: 


About Material Driven

MaterialDriven is a design consultancy and materials library. The company focusses on innovative materials and the creators behind them. Working with both established manufacturers and individual makers, MaterialDriven helps bring technically advanced materials to the design industry and supports emerging materials evolve from prototype to product. Their work takes the format of curated exhibitions, installations, talks, workshops and communication campaigns. Find out more:


About Jhinuk Sarkar

Jhinuk is an Illustrator, Artist and workshop facilitator. She has delivered workshops at Hackney Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, and in many settings on behalf of House of Illustration as one of their Education Illustrators. She leads innovative programmes as part of the University of the Arts London Disability Service and Academic Support Service. Find out more: