A Call for Economic Change

15 Aug 2011

An Observation..

The corporation was born in 1712, when coal began to be mined by machines. From there it was the end of slow and sustainable use of our resources, changing to higher productivity and mining for immense profits. The USA and the UK became obsessed with more and more productivity, more efficiency, more accuracy. On their own these are great qualities, but they were not used to create a better society. They were used to simply generate companies that were purely profit driven. This is not to say that productivity or generating money is negative, on the contrary it is necessary. Productivity helps reduce waste and money at its core is sustenance, which we need to survive. However, the problem arose when we switched from necessity to gluttony.

From a neurological perspective this is not surprising; the neuro-chemical testosterone creates fixated linear thought only concerned with the present moment. Initially valuable for hunting, testosterone is focused on the now – the prey was either in front of the hunter or it wasn’t. There was no need to factor in either the past or the future. This quality of testosterone is great for making on the spot decisions, but doesn’t weigh consequences due to its lack of consideration of time. Combining testosterone with the reward system of dopamine, we create a combination that is like a combustion. Again, this is not to say that it is negative, it just needed to be honed. This neuro-chemical combination created the industrial revolution, The Great Depression, The Corporation system, WWI, WWII, and finally the current financial system.  

Our intelligence has become more sophisticated since 1712, therefore it is time for a new system. We are now entering a macro phase, where we cannot ignore the future or consequences. The results of the reckless use of our natural resources, exploitation of people, and mismanagement of economy are showing up everywhere. For the first time in its history, the USA is no longer the safest country to invest in. There will be more job losses, educational cuts, and a deterioration of the middle class.

Sadly, this is going backwards, where our society instead of reaching collective higher intelligence, we are creating more disparity, division, and a lesser standard of living. All the wealth in the world will be useless if we live in a society where people can’t access education, where crime is rising, where disease runs rampant due to lack of health facilities and prevention, and our environment is polluted and ugly. Last month it was announced that a dam will be built on the Amazon River. The dam will be the start of its destruction, as it will massively disrupt its ecosystem. Why? For greater profits. Surely with all of our understanding of psychology, biology, philosophy, and neurology, we can prevent such base, primitive and myopic thinking from continuing to lead the way?

We should recognise that in this period we have had great discoveries, inventions, and amenities, but it has been unbalanced. We simply cannot continue to support an economic system whose only purpose is growth and profits at all costs. It is time for true capitalism.  It is time to create an economic system that generates value. It is time for an economic system that can create autonomy and help evolve the human race. Michio Kaku talks of the rise of a new civilisation, one that is more evolved.  This civilisation works for the group, is collaborative, is conscious of the environment, values education, and is in short much more intellectually evolved. This is the future THECUBE and INPUT LOFTS would like to be a part of. We aim for our spaces to catalyse new ways of creating value.

Think About It:

  1. How do we change the focus from profit to sustainability?
  2. Can society really continue to live in this way?
  3. What is the alternative to the current system?
  4. Does your business fit into the old system or is looking forward to a better economic system?