Agenda for the future

If you are interested in the intersection between technology and futurism, please have a listen to David Wood’s Agenda For The Future. He is also the chair of the London Futurists, make sure to sign up.

In his agenda, which on the 2nd of September was accompanied by a full day conference at Birkbeck, he explains why there should be an agenda to help guide and delineate the future.
He also details different categories of technologies and the stumbling blocks. One critical stumbling block is “infrastructure inflexibility” that is companies not being able to quickly adopt or understand new technology.
Another point to ponder was the continual argument of dystopia versus utopia, he says that technology is a tool, we are the ones who decide which way it should go.
Great food for thought and very well explained.
THECUBE loves supporting the dissemination of new knowledge and we’ve built friendships  throughout the years with different thought leaders. We have known David Wood for about 5 years now, having hosted some of the first London Futurists MeetUps back in the day.
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