AKC Global Residency at THECUBE

18th May 2015

One of the greatest benefits of coworking spaces is the access to people and knowledge that you would not normally have. For this reason, we have created a new learning and collaborative platform for THECUBE. We will be asking larger companies to take up residency at the space, which means that they will not only be in the space, but will share their tools and knowledge. The first one is AKC Global, which is a company founded by Alex Knapp, who has been a member for just over six months. We asked Alex some questions in regards to what we should expect. Keep on the look out for the workshops and collaborations coming up soon!

What does your consultancy do?

We help good people solve wicked problems. There are actually a collection of sciences that help to both understand and influence complex adaptive systems (‘complexity’) that we use to support people in governments, companies, charities and communities to tackle interdependent issues and challenges in strategy, change and social justice. We’re doing our best to build and maintain a 21st century organisation that has heart, hands and brain.

What are the workshops you will offer the community?

Part of the reason that we came to THECUBE initially was for the opportunity to learn from the community. We’re also excited to get more deeply involved as a team to teach what we’re beginning to understand (share our equal parts insight and confusion, as it were). To that end, we’ll be offering a series of introductory and interactive workshops on both complex system theory and international development, with more to follow on a variety of topics from our team.

Why are these cognitive skills on complexity so relevant to our current economic climate?

In short, ‘complexity’ happens when massively interdependent systems take on a surprising life of their own. From global financial systems, to infectious diseases, to the Internet, migration and labour patterns, climate change to poverty, these systems are not only becoming more complex, they’re becoming more interdependent. The good news is that there’s order in the apparent chaos, we just need to learn to recognise it, and develop better tools to influence it in constructive ways.  Otherwise, we’re all doomed, but let’s try and stay positive 🙂

Who will be upstairs?

In entrepreneurial terms, we’re in the ‘growth’ phase and are scaling up.  You’ll see me wandering about, of course (since my main job is lifting heavy objects and getting coffees for my peoples), but also Pouya and Jan who are our two full-time graduate Fellows over the summer. Starting in July, you’ll also see the European Managing Director of one of our clients, World Learning, a US-based NGO specialising in educational reform and civil society in international development who’s ‘incubating’ with us for a year (a start-up in a start-up in a CUBE full of start-ups!). Two more staff should start in the Autumn, Julius Colwyn-Foulkes (of THECUBE’s in-house artistic team) will be our first artist-in-residence, and our Associates will be in and out depending upon their schedules and when they’ve some breathing room from client projects and offices.

How do you want the community to interact with you guys?

Come play with us – we’re friendly! In addition to the workshops we’ll be offering, we’re in the process of figuring out the details of a three-month residency for a CUBEr to sit upstairs with us doing whatever they’re doing normally, but sharing their own experience, insights and questions from within our team as well – our own ‘Free Radical’ helping to catalyse new ways of thinking about the world. Or, if you’re just lightly curious, feel free also to grab one of the hot desks by the windows up there and just eavesdrop on what we’re doing in the course of a day. And finally, we’re in THECUBE community deliberately, so just grab one of us in passing if you’ve got an idea, need a bit of help, an empathetic ear, or just someone to bounce an idea off of as we all do. We help each other.