Consultancy and advisory support: Aphaia is a Regulation & Policy Consultancy. Their projects and advisory support areas include net neutrality, IoT privacy, eIDAS, online copyright, network access, telecom markets analysis, regulation of audiovisual media, specialist HR competencies, and CSR consultancy. Aphaia’s expertise helps regulators and businesses from startups to MNEs.

Data protection office outsourcing: Appointing a Data Protection Officer is becoming mandatory for all data-driven European businesses. Aphaia’s external Data Protection Officer product provides crucial expertise and an affordable alternative to employing a privacy expert to ensure ‘smart compliance’ with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Compliance and impact assessment: Whether you require a data protection audit, a data protection policy, or a data protection impact assessment of your startup business model or your new analytics tool GDPR compliance – Aphaia can help you avert risk and achieve financial benefits using our ‘smart compliance’ approach.