Be Curious: Steve Edge

23 Feb 2012

Last night THECUBE hosted a talk with visual artist and designer, Steve Edge. There is always so much richness in his talks that its hard to pinpoint the ‘best part’. His energy is infectious and we all left lighter, happier, and full of magic!

What really stuck was his amazing curiosity. He said “I find inspiration in everything”, “if someone asks me to see their shovel collection, I would say, yes mate!”. It is a level of curiosity that comes from being totally open, humble, and passionate about life.

Most of us are dismissive about things that we don’t understand or things that we presume will not be of interest. However, we lose so much from following the same path everyday, investigating the usual, speaking to the same people, and from doing the same thing day in and day out. Take such a different path home you get lost. Speak to someone so different from you its awkward. Do something so new that it makes your palms sweat. Get out there and explore, be curious about everything and everyone – this will lead you to the unexpected and the unimaginable.

Steve Edge –