Ben Byford

Ben is a freelance web designer working in Bristol and London. He has worked on large scale projects such as (providing point of contact for technology and design decisions internal at Virgin), medium scale projects with clients including BFICEH, Virgin and Virgin unite, as well as having created a myriad of sites for smaller businesses, start ups and creatives’ portfolios – see his portfolio here.

He is a design and front-end guy, with extensive knowledge of other tech and development languages and have previously worked as a mediator between dev teams and clients.

Additionally he has a history in public speaking and lecturing, where he blends his insights within entrepreneurship, social businesses, web technologies, AI and ethics; focussing on the usage of technology as a tool for innovation and creativity.

He authors the Machine Ethics Podcast, which consists of interviews with academics, writers, technologists and business people on the theme of AI and autonomy. He also does talks about Machine Ethics and is in the process of writing a short introduction book into the subject.