Beyond the brain: CSM & THECUBE

The Extended Mind Residency is a 7-month-long collaboration between six artists from Central Saint Martins’ MA Art and Science students and THECUBE London. Through the MA Art and Science course, students investigate the contemporary and historical context of art and science and explore creative ways to communicate those ideas, contributing to a greater understanding of how we relate to the world around us.


For this residency, each artist is exploring a unique aspect of the theme of The Extended Mind relevant to their ongoing practice, including topics such as the point of interruption of the parasite onto the host environment; devising triangulation of seeing, feeling and doing; nature as a production of the senses; the brain plasticity of dancers and the social implications of a fully web-extended mind.


The residency will commence with a series of exploratory Research Seminars inviting practitioners from interdisciplinary fields to share insights and perspectives on the subject (check out our events page regularly to keep up to date with any forthcoming events). Through The Extended Mind residency, the artists aim to bring new perspectives to current dialogues on cognition, building bridges between disciplines.


Artist Bio’s


Sabrina Mumtaz HasanSabrina works within the mediums of sewn sculptures, text and diagrammatic painting. Her practice is stimulated by her writings on materialising the positive aspects of a parasite, in favour for catalysing social change; similarly in the style of the Frankfurt School. Sabrina’s colour pallet is recognisably a very close selection of browns, oranges, aubergines and yellows. Working against the pejorative perception of parasite-host relationships, she coined the term Socio-Parasitology.

Her focus is on the interruptive stage and the first act of contact made between a parasite and host coupling; as an activity which releases a productive change. Sabrina explores the interruption through flame retardant materials and temperature, paralleling human behaviour through sculptural forms that incarnate gesture and performativity. Important works to surface, are Understanding Endo (2017) selected for Savage Journal Issue 5 DIRT, Materialising the Parasite, In a Parasitorium (2017) shown as part of her BA in Fine Art and Art History at Goldsmiths, Mobility Parasites (2017) shown as part of National Storytelling Week 2018 and Parasitology in the studio – layered with her Socio-Parasitology Manifesto release shown at Tate Modern. Her work Cluttered (2010) was exhibited at Saatchi Gallery for “Imagine a World Without Prejudice” curated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Alongside her postgraduate education, Sabrina is curating the next LaundryArts programme, a space for BAME women, expected to be viewed at AMP Gallery this October; and co-curating an international open call for practitioners to respond to her Socio-Parasitology Manifesto, exhibiting this summer.


Jasmine Smith: After graduating with a BSc in Neuroscience with minors in clinical psychology and studio art from the University of Rochester in New York, Jasmine moved to London to pursue a masters in art and science from Central Saint Martins. She has been experimenting with the ways that the fields of art and science intersect, and how this interdisciplinary research can be symbiotic. Previous research interests involved neurodegenerative diseases and brain plasticity, which has been a starting point for her art practice. Using research based evidence, she aims to create artwork that grounds itself in science but displays the concepts in new thought provoking ways.


Becky LyonBecky is an artist from London exploring potential futures through artefacts, sensory transmissions and moving image. She describes her practice as ‘elastic fictions’ – malleable propositions opening up discussion, debate and interaction around critical issues surrounding a possible post-natural planet. She has exhibited at the TATE Modern Studio Reflex and TEDx Royal Society and her work will be exhibited at The Science Gallery Dublin Life at the Edges and the Athens Digital Art Festival, The Singularity, this summer. She is Co-Programme Lead for London LASER and the V&A Futures Series.   


Tracey Zhang: Tracey is an experimental artist who explores contemporary art through bridging the gap between the West and the East. Comparing her earlier practices of traditional painting (BA) in China and later experiments in oil painting (MA Fine Art) at CSM, she is now taking on the challenge of interdisciplinary research between art and science. Her current focus is on how to maintain and reinforce the power of creativity in art and positivity in psychology through embodied experiences such as seeing, feeling, and doing. This idea derived from ancient Chinese wisdom of integrating the hand, the eye and the heart into the painting process. Her approach will be developed by juxtaposing such ancient Eastern philosophy with the study of Embodied Cognition in Western neuroscience.


Charlotte Bolster, Helen Crawley, Priya Odera: Integrating a background in biochemistry and the humanities, Priya’s art practice and research is an interdisciplinary conduit to explore the relationship between humans, the environment and technology. Can technology influence one’s cognition and behaviour? Through experimental methods and artistic mediums that involve a technological aspect, her work probes the dichotomous nature of technology, as a cultural appendage and also a fundamental part of human identity.

Helen’s practice revolves around a pursuit to understand fundamental nature, with particular focus on the use of technology in capturing natural phenomena for observation, experimentation, and to physically simulate aspects of sensibility and experience.

Charlotte’s background in Neuroscience, includes an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience, and two years research experience at The National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery.  Her art practice draws on this through focus on social connection, disconnection and isolation, and their recurrent interaction with mental, neurological and physical health.