Brainplay: Truth as Data

28th June 2017 (7pm)

With the advent of machinic decision-making in the world and our lives, whether it is through self-driving cars, biometrics, artificial intelligence, or even algorithmic approval for bank loans, it is important to investigate the connotations of such. The phrase or statement ‘truth as data’ is to be explored – it connotes a machinic worldview that is free from subjectivity and human error and is presented as the ultimate form or empiricism or objectivity. But how valid is this claim? Do biases exist within algorithms? Deep learning technologies through artificial neural networks suggest a certain opacity at this moment in time as it is not known how most advanced algorithms work. At the core of this issue, lies the question – how do machines make decisions, and what are their consequences?


We will be joined by Dr Sara Marino from King’s College London (Digital Cultures), and Prof Peter Latham from UCL (Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit) and Dr Edgar Whitley from LSE (Associate Professor of Information Systems).


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THECUBE is a workspace in the heart of East London, Shoreditch. Each month we organise a series of events to discuss topics around science, technology and design. This event is organised jointly with Sukanya Deb from Goldsmith University.