Branding Collective class – Curiosity & Branding

Branding Collective class // Curiosity & Branding

WHEN: 25th Feb 2016 @ 7pm


Technology is having interesting and significant impact on our attention system, which in turn is having an affect on how and what we pay attention to. Therefore we need to consider how this affects the perception and role of branding. So, we are introducing some new perspectives, skills, and theory into branding for the 21st Century.

These classes are not just about the usual “how to” process of branding, but a deeper understanding of what you need to adapt to new branding demands.

The first class will be on Curiosity in branding. The classes will be led by Alex Simonini (The North Face, Supreme, Fiat) Jonny Weston (Crisis, ActionAid, Shanghai Design Festival) Gavin Auty (John Lewis, Ted, Viva).
To greater or lesser extents we’re all curious.

  • But what role does curiosity play in understanding the world around us and our place within it?
  • As brands and people; how can we better understand, harness and practice being curious?
  • What benefits can it bring?
  • How does it connect us to our path and new opportunities?
  • And How can it support a long-term plan for commercial prosperity?

It’s said that curiosity is the secret of great creative people. We’ll be providing the context and framework in which curiosity can be harnessed to help you find and define your brand for quicker, more sustainable success.

We’ll help you understand how your brand can thrive by finding and embracing your true talents. We’ll discuss how it can unlock doors and find new opportunities — crucial to maximising your brand impact; culturally & commercially.

This is class 1 of 3 – for future dates, click on the link.