• Deadline for presenting an interest: 31th April 2018
  • Deadline for final submission: 30th June  2018
  • Word count: up to 3000 words
THECUBE London invites students, artists, authors, researchers, technologists, professionals – anyone working and/or researching within the theme of CHANGE to submit work for our next issue of our magazine.
We are looking to tackle this broad theme from an interdisciplinary platform focusing on Art, Science, Technology, and Design or a combination of the mentioned. Creative interpretations are welcomed and encouraged. The issues of the magazine appear online, and printed further down the line.

Examining CHANGE, and how to create it, we’d like to consider what meaningful change looks like – it’s psychological, social and physical conditions.  As well as exploring whether different approaches are taken/needed when attempting to create change from an individual, collective or supra-organisational level.

Across social issues from race, class and gender, to shifts in employment and even to ecological change, our own motivations/biases, the collective conscience, systematic barriers and technological capabilities are all key to making things happen. Is change becoming democratised, no longer the mainstay of political leaders?

Anthony Giddens considers “Political ideals today seem to have lost their capacity to inspire and political leaders their ability to lead. The only groups that appears resolutely optimistic are those that place their faith in technology to resolve our problems. But technological change has mixed consequences, and in any case technology cannot provide a basis for an effective political programme…If political thinking is going to recapture its inspirational qualities, it has to be neither simply reactive nor confined to the everyday and the parochial. Political life is nothing without ideals, but ideals are empty if they don’t relate to real possibilities.” 

We will be accepting submissions in the following formats:

  • Research papers
  • Articles
  • Thought pieces
  • Visuals


  • We value clear, succinct writing that avoids specialist jargon and is accessible to people who work in a wide range of disciplines.
  • Please submit a MS Word or pages file.
  • Please include a front page including:
    • proposed title
    • full names and affiliations of all authors
    • corresponding email address
  • All submissions should be fully referenced as appropriate (Harvard Referencing)
  • Please include at least one high-res (1MB) relevant photograph, illustration, or other graphic (with description and any attributions)

Word count: up to 3000 words

THECUBE London is excited to be working on the third issue – this time examining CHANGE! If you are interested in participating / submitting a piece of work, do get in touch. Examples of our previous issue on truth, can be found here.