Central St. Martins x THECUBE

15th Oct 2014


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the MA Arts and Science course at Central St. Martins led by Nathan Cohen. The course brings together both artists and scientists to explore the convergence of the two disciplines.

THECUBE has had a long history in both sectors and finally merged them together in the Autumn of 2012 with artist Jennifer Crouch. Since then we have continued to produce science based art and events to encourage the collaboration between the two. It is our hypothesis that the collision between art and science catalyses innovation as in the case of the Plato’s Academy.

We gave the students a brief, which they will respond to and base the next exhibit and set of events for THECUBE.

Brief I:

The renaissance and the enlightenment periods were both times in history when arts and science were strongly allied. Coincidentally, these two periods created considerable spikes in every area of human development from economy, technology, religion, culture, to medicine. The same can be observed during the Greek empire and the influence of the Plato academy, Aristotle was a hybrid of artist, philosopher, and neuroscientist. Finally, there is a hypothesis that ‘mirror neurons’ evolved when we had a spike in culture due to the manipulation of fire. This could be considered the birth of art and science coming together as fire gave us the technology to manipulate our environment more than ever before. This manipulation was the start of our culture (language, music, social interactions, thoughts, stories, etc).

This project should explore the possible link between spikes in human evolution and culture with the alliance of art + science. Project groups can range from three to four students and cross year collaboration submissions will also be accepted.