Cognitive Academy: Why Do We Communicate?

24th May 2017 (7pm)

At the core of human to human communication is the desire to create a specific mental state in another person. Communication involves a vast ecosystem of cognitive and motor faculties. There is the engagement of the visual cognitive system to detect physical communication cues, the auditory system to hear words, tone, inflections and the prefrontal cortex to comprehend language and meaning. We also engage the sensory motor and Broca’s areas, amongst others, all which are highly associated with speech and language. Finally, we have to involve the limbic system to understand the emotional value of a piece of communication, so we can create the correct response.

This semester we will be taking a look at vast ecosystem through three classes. The classes are designed to be done as a course or taken individually, so you can join in at any point.

Each class is 90 minutes and it starts with a scientific review and explanation, and then it is put forward to a discussion to examine how the science is applicable to industry.

Wednesday, 24 May at 7pm

1. The neural substrates of communication
2. The communication map
3. Workshop: You will apply the learnings in creating a piece of  communication of your choosing.