COGNITIVE ACADEMY: Perceiving + Communicating Emotion

21st March 2017 (7pm)

There is a misconception that neuroscience is the study of the brain in a manner that is disconnected from the body. Neuroscience is actually the study of the central nervous system, which is the spinal cord and the brain included.

From this anatomical perspective our interaction with the physical world and how we make sense of it changes. In this new three-part series of Cognitive Academy classes, we will be learning about embodiment and the manner of which the brain and body work together to give a sense of perception as well as help solve problems around cognition, communication, and emotion.

Our second class is going to discuss and investigate how we perceive and communicate emotion. Highlighting that emotion is not only an ephemeral feeling, it is understood and defined by our bodies. It is embodied experience. The class will cover how it is that we experience or perceive emotion through our physicality as well as look how we pass on emotion through physicality.

This class is for those in design, branding, tech or product design. Understanding how people perceive emotion will create a deeper understanding of how your own design or product will be experienced by your client.

Each class is 90 minutes and it starts with a scientific review and explanation, and then it is put forward to a discussion to examine how the science is applicable to industry.

We are increasingly moving towards a more human-centric approach to cities, design, and technology. Making neuroscience a great a place to start if we are curious about understanding ourselves and creating better “things” for people.

Class 2: Embodied Emotion

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 (1900 – 2030)

  • What is the relationship between our body and emotion?
  • Studies defining embodied emotion
  • Workshop: If we emobody emotion, how does that affect design practice or how people feel in physical environments, or how we create tech products?


The science is thoroughly researched and prepared for commercial application. The purpose is to gain an understanding of how people perceive and interact with the world around them. We aim to stay honest to the science whilst making it accessible and applicable to industry. By honest, we mean that we research a wide range of studies and data, which at times show different findings in order to bring you a diverse set of theories. It also means that we will not take a reductionist approach nor will we claim that neuroscience is an “answer” or predictive.



THECUBE London is a space for scientists, technologists and designers to come together in the heart of East London. If you are not a member, but interested in joining this class, please get your tickets by clicking on the link below. Thanks!