Cognitive Sensations: Fields of Perception

20th November 2018 (6.30pm)

Please join us on November 20th for the opening of Cognitive Sensations, an exhibition and events programme exploring the neurological effects of the digital age. In our first event, Fields of Perception, there will be a panel discussion and artist workshop, examining the role that digital technology plays in shaping the brain and our perception of the physical world.

The Panel Discussion: Perception is the organisation, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the world around us. With highly adaptable brains to the experiences and environment that we place ourselves in, it is no surprise that our behaviour and perception of the world is influenced by our engagement within the digital realm.

Rapid technological advancements over the past 40 years, have enhanced our neuroscientific understanding of how we perceive and navigate environments from a micro to macro scale. From an understanding of our ‘inner GPS system’ which helps us to navigate and determine our position, to our widening knowledge of the hippocampus which facilitates spatial memory in the form of navigation, Fields of Perception will explore perception in the age of GPS systems and virtual reality.

The discussion will also draw on models of perception that have emerged through the disciplines of art, architecture and philosophy. Cultural theorist Paul Virilio explores a new model of human perception which he argues has been reversed, channeling our vision inwards instead of outwards to our surroundings. If our perception of the world often starts through the screen, and our definition of reality can be measured through media and simulation, how does this effect our capacity to deal with real time and real space?

The Workshop: Artist Maritina Keleri plays on the dynamics of viewing the world through virtual and physical settings, through the creation of her own wearable viewing device. Event attendees are invited to view their physical environment through Keleri’s goggles, entering an artistic experiment exploring perception in the digital age.


THECUBE is excited to be collaborating with curator Gabriella Warren-Smith on Cognitive Sensations, an opportunity to show young artists working within the realm of art, science and technology, in the heart of East London.