Cognitive Sensations – Gudrun Filipska & Carly Butler

Artist duo Gudrun Filipska and Carly Butler continue the exploration of the physical and virtual in The ‘S’ Project, which traces the artist’s footsteps through a combination of real and virtual walking, using tracking devices and technologies. By translating their physical lives to an online map, the artist’s digital avatars travel through carefully designed routes between their hometowns of the UK and Canada, reflecting the co-construction of digital and material realities.

In the critical analysis of digital culture, the virtual and physical realm can sometimes be seen as separate entities, referred to as ‘digital dualism’. The ‘S’ Project, however, draws upon the interconnectivity of these worlds, where our selves are not separated by ‘online’ and ‘real’ life, but are instead increasingly morphed together. This perspective is strongly reflected by digital critic Nathan Jurgenson, who theorises that ‘digital and material realities dialectically co-construct each other’ into an ‘augmented reality’. How will our future look in light of this merging existence, and what does this mean for our sense of space and connection to the environment?


The ‘S’ Project – interactive map and paper based works.


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THECUBE is very excited to be working closely with curator Gabriella Warren-Smith on Cognitive Sensations. Cognitive Sensations is an opportunity for artists and scientists to explore the effects the digital age may be having on us. For this exhibition and associated public events programme, our coworking space becomes a space for exploration and future thinking. Keep your eyes peeled for any future events taking place in our beautiful East London workspace. We are looking forward to seeing you here!