Cognitive Sensations – Ian Malhotra

Ian Malhotra’s drawing One Octave, questions the form and design of machine generated information, and how it is processed by humans. His artwork is communicated through tactile, visual and auditory sensory inputs, resulting in a work that can be communicated without vision, and read without sight. Malhotra’s work plays on our continuous communication in the digital landscape, where we often find ourselves oscillating between instantaneous transmit and receive modes.


One Octave. Drawing, mp3 media player with accompanying headphones.


To find out more about Ian and his work, please visit his website:



Together with curator Gabriella Warren-Smith, THECUBE has been working hard on Cognitive Sensations, a exhibition and event programme examining if and how digital technology is impacting us. We are exploring this subject matter through the lens of technology, neuroscience, and art. For more information keep checking back here, and on the Cognitive Sensations blog. Thanks everyone!