Cognitive Sensations – Julius Colwyn

Artist Julius Colwyn considers what this environment looks like, and what decisions may need to be considered through contemporary urban design, so that humans can deal with issues of distraction, sensory saturation and disrupted attention. Colwyn is particularly interested in the behavioural and cognitive adaptations that humans will need to manifest, in order to deal with the rapidly changing structures of information underpinning society. Are these adaptations suited to human experience, or to a kind of abstract efficiency that technology propagates in our behaviour? We know that due to neuroplasticity, the brain is extremely susceptible to sensory stimulation, and will adapt in response to changes in the environment. So what parts of our nervous system are changing in response to the rapidly changing environment of the digital age?



THECUBE is very excited to be working on Cognitive Sensations with curator Gabriella Warren-Smith.  It is an exhibition and discussion programme exploring the effects the digital age may be having on us. Drawing on expertise from science, technology and art, we have a monthly discussion series. If you are interested in attending, click here for any updates. Events are free and open to all (coworking members as well as the general public), on a first come first serve basis, and take place in our workspace in Shoeditch, East London.