Cognitive Sensations – Exploring the neurological effects of the digital age.

Cognitive Sensations is an exhibition exploring the impact of digital culture on our relationship with the environment and our inner self. Featuring nine artists, the exhibition will run until May 22nd 2019, and will be presented alongside five events investigating the neurological effects of the digital age. Just as poetry, art and writing have long served as tools to communicate our inner thoughts and emotions, digital technology is becoming one of the most centralised methods of exploring theories and ideas. The debate that emerges from the exploration of one’s sense of self online, poses the question as to whether the online self becomes a new identity of its own, or simply an extension of who we already are.

As daily life becomes increasingly immersed in the digital realm, what happens to our connection with the physical world? We know that due to neuroplasticity, the brain is extremely susceptible to sensory stimulation, and will adapt in response to changes in the environment. So what happens when this environment becomes increasingly saturated by the immaterial and rapidly changing world of the digital?

Instead of presenting the exhibition as a final finished product, the artists (see below) are encouraged to use THECUBE as a site for experimentation, developing their work in response to the evolving conversation and research discussed through the event programme. Drawing on themes of identity, three-dimensional space and adapting behaviours, please join us for an investigation of the cognitive conditions of the digital age.



Keep your eyes peeled! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing the artists and their works in more detail.


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THECUBE is very excited to be working so closely with curator Gabriella Warren-Smith, on a project and with artists exploring the effects the digital age may be having on us. For this exhibition and associated public events programme, our coworking space becomes a space for exploration and future thinking. We are looking forward to seeing you here!