Community and Discourse

When we opened our doors in 2009 we thought that we were about to encounter a monumental shift in our economic evolution – we would rise from the ashes of a broken economic system into an enlightened era. Seven years into this, we thought that our hypothesis had been confirmed, we were living in a time where enterprise and new inventions rose. We had better ways of doing things, we were happy with collaborative work methods, the life and work balance was being reached, and it seemed that the new generation was going to lead us to an advanced society.

We modelled THECUBE after the thought salons and the coffee shops pre Enlightenment Era as we thought this new era would need new discourse as we established new codes of ethics for life and industry. In 2012 we hosted an event at the space where we predicted that we would move away from creating lifestyles into creating movements, movements that would continue to challenge the status quo. Then in 2010 after the riots in London, we hosted an exhibit about rising unrest amongst certain demographics, we saw a rise in racism and extremist behaviour. However, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that challenging the status quo would push racists and oppressive mentalities into the highest echelons of power.

We have two choices, we can either bring us down or we push forward. We have decided to push forward, giving us renewed confidence in what we started seven years ago. Now more than ever we need spaces that bring communities together share well investigated knowledge, and provide an opportunity for discourse.

Coworking spaces are now in a unique position where they can provide a space for people to feel safely and openly discuss the social political challenges we have ahead of us. They can also unite people that may feel outed, marginalised, or excluded in the current climate.

As we struggle to find our next steps, we must remember that change starts and ends with knowledge mobility. The more reliable and well research knowledge is shared the more informed we will stay, which will give us the momentum to stand up against the social economic injustices that lie ahead of us.

Part of our new role as coworking spaces will be to provide events that inform people on how these changes will affect them both on a personal and entrepreneurial level. Secondly, it will be providing them with a diverse community of people, where they can share information with. Finally, we should promote discourse in our communities, go back to the 18th century coffee shops, where people gathered to promote new ways of thinking.



THECUBE was established in 2009 in response to the economic crash as we wanted to create a space where people could gather and share resources and knowledge. Seven years on this mission is even more important. We are a coworking space in Shoreditch, East London that focuses on Science, Technology, and Design.