23rd March 2017 (7pm)

This is the final instalment of Making in Transit at THECUBE. On Thursday the 23rd of March at 7pm we close our exhibition with a talk about COMMUNITY, COLLABORATION, CORPOREALITY. We’ll be exploring the digital realm and digital technology interfaces with our own anatomy – from online collaboration to creative digital technologies, implantable neuromodulation devices that can help control chronic pain and ‘brainjacking’.


Marilou Polymeropoulou is an anthropologist working and teaching in Oxford. She wrote her doctorate on online and transnational network of musicians (a study of networked creativity) and is currently working collaboratively with other researchers developing music-related technology her specific contribution being user experience. Her project ‘Dead Things’ involves taking pictures of items found in the streets and making up a story about their ‘lifetime’, treating them as animate objects – it is the untold story of the things that we forgot, lose and abandon in the world – ‘A perspective on the changing materiality of things’.

Rachel Falconer is an independent curator, researcher and development consultant operating at the critical intersections of contemporary art practice, emergent technologies, civic data infrastructures and networked culture. She coordinates the creative technology prototyping and research initiative Goldsmiths Digital at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Laurie Pycroft is a researcher at the Nuffield Department for Surgical Sciences. His research focuses on the perception and neural mechanisms of pain in humans and seeks to develop a solution to chronic pain management therapies and has an interest in medical device security. His research in developing implantable neuromodulation devices and in this talk, Laurie will discuss his research addressing the risk of cyber attacks on brain implants (“brainjacking”). What could an attacker do to a patient with one of these implants? Why should manufacturers and doctors be concerned about this? And what can they do to make sure that we don’t end up in a sci-fi dystopia?

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