Conscious Cities Conference No. 2

03rd May 2017 (9am)

Conscious Cities Conference No. 2: Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture and Technology is a full-day event, taking place on Wednesday, 03 May 2017 (8:30 to 18:00) at One Sekforde Street, London.

Our previous conference examined the relationship between neuroscience and architecture. This year’s conference will disseminate and unify the different industries and elements needed to build a Conscious City, that is responsive to human activity and needs.

The day will open with keynote speakers representing Neuroscience – Colin Ellard – and Architecture – Matthias Hollwich.

From there, the conference will address four themes, each presented and discussed by a panel of experts from academia and industry (detailed further below):

  1. What Does Neuroscience Teach Us About the Built Environment?
  2. How Can We Use High Technology in the Built Environment?
  3. Creating Conscious Design: How Does Behavioural Insight Affect Architecture and Planning?
  4. Building a Conscious City: The Role of Governance and Industry.






THECUBE London is excited that our members The Centric Lab are supporting the Conscious Cities Conference, with the aim of creating more people-centred workspaces, public spaces, and more.