20th Jan 2016

According to MIT’s Senseable City Lab, “the increasing deployment of sensors and handheld electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment”. These devices and technology are giving us new insights into the human behaviours and dynamics within cities. This information can now be used to create new tools, which can lead to a more adaptable and intelligent built environment.

This is essentially the crux of Senseable City Lab, which aims to study these changes from a “critical viewpoint”. For example, in their 2015 project titled Underworld they have started to look at sewage systems to gather in real-time information which can later be used to inform policy and design. It is like studying the digestive system of a city to diagnose and prevent malaise.

The merge of technology and science within the property industry is the start of creating cities that are more conscious and respondent of the human need.

Senseable City Lab will be taking the Keynote Speaker position at our Conscious Cities conference with Arup and Museum of Architecture. For more information on the conference and tickets, follow the link.