Conscious Cities: Neuroscience and Architecture Conference

Conscious Cities – Neuroscience and Architecture Conference

WHEN: 1 March 2016 – 9.00AM-6.00PM

Location: Arup, 8 Fitzroy Street, W1T 4BQ London


Conscious Cities is a one-day conference that aims to explore the relationship between neuroscience and architecture. By bringing together neuroscientists, architects, engineers, planners and developers, the conference aims to offer necessary tools for understanding how the built environment impacts our cognitive functions, while also showing how professionals can use research in neuroscience to design better spaces and cities for the future.

Conscious Cities will bring together some of the most innovative and engaging experts in the field. A practical workshop and a publication will expand upon the findings and further disseminate the discourse at the conference.



9.00-9.30am – Introduction: What is a conscious city?

9.30-10.00am – Keynote: Why should an architect or developer want to create a conscious city?

10.05-10.55am – Thematic 1: How does the built environment affect behaviour and cognition?

11.10-11.55am – Thematic 2: How can the latest findings in neuroscience inform the design of spaces and cities?

12.00-12.30pm – Q&A

13.30-14.15pm – Thematic 3: What is the role of technology in creating conscious spaces?

14.20-15.05pm – Thematic 4: What is the role of conscious cities in fostering innovation?

15.10-15.40pm – Q&A

16.00-17.00pm – Workshop: Creating a conscious city

17.00-17.30pm – End Panel: What is the role of the architect, developer and neuroscientist in creating a more conscious city?


Keynote: Sarah Robinson, Architect and author, with Juhani Pallasmaa, Mind in Architecture, Neuroscience, Embodiment, and the Future of Design,
Emma Greer, Carlo Ratti Associati

Speakers include:
Philip Tidd, Consulting Practice Area Leader, Principal, Gensler
Dr. Jon Goodbun, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, University of Westminster
Panos Mavros, researcher on Emotions in Urban Behaviour, UCL
Fiona Elizabeth Zisch, neuroscientist at Spatial Cognition Group, UCL
Itai Palti, architect and author, “A Manifesto for Conscious Cities”
Dr. Hugo Spiers, neuroscientist and Head of Spiers Lab at UCL Institute of Behavioural
Ruairi Glynn, Director, Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett, UCL
Neil Davidson, Director, J & L Gibbons Landscape Architecture & Urban Design and coauthor,
Urban Mind project
Léan Doody, Associate Director, Arup Digital
Juliette Morgan, Partner, Cushman & Wakefield and Head of Property, Tech City UK
Josef Hargrave, Associate, Arup Foresight Group
Mike Saunders, CEO, Commonplace
Dr. Harriet Harriss, Research Lead and Senior Tutor in Architecture and Interiors, Royal College of Art