Cube Lunch Lecture: Why am I not selling more?

23rd January 2018 (1pm)

When you are struggling to sell your product or service, the first thought is that you need to improve your sales skills. And there are plenty of people who will offer to help you with that.
But what if sales skills are not the problem? Sometimes you do need to get better selling and presenting your product, but often the real difficulty is somewhere else. It’s the market, or the route to market you’ve chosen, or your basic assumption about what people want.
If you aren’t selling as much as you want to, stop beating yourself up about being bad at sales, and come to this session for a more productive way forward.
This is the 4th event of the business series with Alastair Dryburgh, fellow member known for his strategies for resolving stuckness and reigniting growth, and Forbes columnist. THECUBE is a coworking space for the curious minded in the heart of East London, Shoreditch.