Curated Knowledge, Futures of Education and Knowledge Mobility.

1st June 2015

June’s Brainplay session intends to consider broadly the critical and practical urgencies and implications of the present status and structures of knowledge mobility. Led by the open hypothesis knowledge needs to be mobile; Araceli Camargo, Anne Fritz, Zahra Davidson and Susannah Haslam will discuss the ideas of knowledge and mobility across organisational, structural, curatorial and educative perspectives. Drawing on their respective specialisms in co-working spaces, future education programming and artistic research towards knowledge infrastructures, collaboratively they will explore the proposition that knowledge needs to be mobile in practical terms.

  • How can we overcome the plurality and abstraction of knowledge as a concept in order to define what knowledge mobility might be practically?
  • Does knowledge need to be mobile and how do we understand mobility in context to knowledge?
  • Mobility implies movement and space – what does knowledge mobility look like, and what might it come to inform in spatial and educative terms?
  • Are our reference points to space and education limiting the scope of how we might define knowledge mobility? How might we think in economic, political, technological and organisational terms?
  • What is the future of knowledge?

Please join us all on Tuesday, 23rd of June at 1900 to discuss this futher.

—Education lies at the heart of THECUBE, a coworking space in Shoreditch. We have a long history of academic partnerships with universities, such as Central Saint Martins, Loughborough University, Michigan State, London College of Communications, and Kingston University amongst others. This allows us to provide our members with some of the best and cutting edge knowledge out there.