Designing for Difference; The Data-Driven Case For An Inclusive Approach

At THECUBE we try to help further our members growth by sticking to the principles of discourse. This means that from time to time when our members want to make a call to arms, discuss a large topic, or even need help with large themes they’re trying to tackle, and we do that by hosting brainplay’s hosted by particular members.

In this case we welcome some recent members of Nuanced, let by the furiously bright Natalie Nzeyimana who has set the branding and strategy company to deliver ‘online identity & offline experiences’.

In Natalie’s own words: This will be an opportunity to share learnings from our work at nuanced so far and see how these experiences could open a wider conversation at about designing for individuals and communities whose experiences are qualitatively different to our own; how an intersectional lens and empathy-driven design methods can lead us towards more harmonious and (measurably) effective outcomes.

Details on the event will be announced shortly and we hope to see friendly and new faces there!


We’re a digital creative studio based in London. We’re experts in online identity & offline experiences. We work with companies, brands and individuals to shape every part of their on & offline presence to reflect the best of who they are. We love working collaborating with brands with something to say; ambitious value propositions which target previously underserved markets and demographics.


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