Em-Em: The Comfort Of Gravity

25th May 2017 (7pm)

We never think about gravity. Like breathing, it is a ubiquitous element of life. Occasionally when we fall are we suddenly aware of the cosmic force that pulls us to the floor. Our pens and books stay put, water lays flat and we walk knowing our feet will touch the ground. However, our entire physical and mental evolution as a species has been influenced by gravity and this event will explore three uncommon aspects. Firstly, Physicist Ellie Armstrong (PhD student UCL) will explain the presence of gravity and why science is so puzzled by it. Then Dr Elisa Ferré (RHUL Psychology) will look at the human neurological affects by examining how are we built to sense gravity through a combination of senses, namely the vestibular system. Finally, Adrian Holme (Lecturer CSM Art and Science) reveals how this embodied force has influenced the process of making art in both provocative and subtle ways. This multi-faceted, invisible and universal power gives us much to think about and discuss.