Em-Em: Sensing the Invisible

27th June 2017 (7pm)

Whilst neuroscience can point to measurable evidence for the neural basis of a body-mind connection, a holistic understanding of that connection is yet to be revealed. Philosophy and art play an important role in the search for a wider comprehension of body and mind. For this event, we will engage in a search to sense the invisible, exploring the conversation between body and mind, or body-mind, through the lens of philosophy and dance. Expect a dance performance, followed by an open roundtable discussion with academic experts – ranging from philosophy to neuroscience to dance – examining ideas around body-mind through both, theory and in practice.


19.00 – Opening Words and Performance (Monika Dorniak – The Metacognitive Tool // Performer: Alice Weber (who will also join the discussion)

19.30 – Introduction of Speakers and Round Table Discussion

20.15 – Q&A – Audience


Raphael Sieraczek is the founder and leader of the experimental theatre group ‘Imagine a Spectacle’. He is a Doctoral candidate from the Culture Media & Creative Industries Department at King’s College, London and his PhD centres on art-based and research-led pedagogy that can enable students in Higher Education to thrive within contexts of ambiguity and complexity.
Peter Afford is a psychotherapist and Focusing teacher with a big interest in neuroscience and the mind body connection. He is currently writing a book on ‘Therapy in the Age of Neuroscience’ for publication in 2018. About Focusing he says “it showed me how to trust my feelings and allow them to move of their own accord, and to trust my ability to respond empathically to others”.

Kirsty Alexander is a dancer and co-director of Independent Dance. She leads an MA specifically designed for mid-career dance artists and is associate editor of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices. Her philosophical research draws on kinaesthetic experience to propose “thinking otherwise” in relation to mind/body, self/other, self/world divides.

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THECUBE is excited to be hosting Em-Em over the summer. Em-Em is a collective from Central Saint Martins working around the thematic of embodiment.