18th Dec 2015

Firstly, we would like to thank each and every one of you for making another great year happen. We are now 6.5 years old which in new business terms makes us a veterans! THECUBE has been able to build a long standing community with some members being here for many years. However, as growth and change are an invited occurrence, occasionally we have to say goodbye to a member. This year we are losing Richard White, who has been with us since day one. He will now be starting his printing and embossing studio in East London and we wish all of the success to his new start!

This year also meant saying hello to a whole new bunch of great people and companies who are set to do some awesome things in 2016. First up are Tom and Axel, two surgeons who have started My Recovery, who recently gained funding to further grow their company next year. Second are LifeLab started by Alastair and Andy, who are a neurologist and technologist respectively. Third is web-developer Jonathan Lifschutz, who has a data and finance background and currently collaborating with CUBE members Settled. Fourth is Laura Billings, who started a company called Civic Systems Lab dedicated to making better more connected neighbourhoods. Fifth is John Scott, who is a corporate mediator. Sixth is Juliano, who is another programmer with a background in physics and data. Seventh is Ales, who amongst having a tech company he also has a medical channel to help people understand medical conditions and process better. Eighth is Gene, who is a career advisor and lecturer for INSEAD. Ninth is Garrard, who is a marketeer from Sweden. Tenth is Daniella Heinze, who started a company called Art office, which helps translate art manuscripts. Eleventh, Alex Faiers, who runs a software and web design firm called Addictivity. Last but certainly not least we have a new member to our team, Josh Artus, who blends a background in the Arts and the property industry to help us grow to new sites and further develop out our thinking and projects around SmartSpaces.

Finally, we had a great year of events and projects, we launched our Cognitive Academy, we’ve got a dedicated blogging gig with the Huffington Post, we worked with the NHS, SEEN, and Shell. We also hosted our first MedTech with My Recovery and Royal Society of Medicine. Members also did some amazing things things year, Alex Knapp not only delivered our Complex Problems workshops, which were great, he also fully kick started his startup!!! Sarah Bunter became the casting director for Kinfolk and Hardy Amies!!! Jake Jelicich won best cinematographer for one of his videos!!! Settled got two funding rounds and grown their team from 3 to 7 people. Alex Simonini successfully launched his partnership with Octagon and North Face and created a little human called Otto. Michelle Hawkins became the head of futures for Virgin Care and Jonny Weston became the graphic designer for Crisis!!! Alison Coward, launched her first book A Guide To Effective Workshops.

So, let’s raise a glass to all the amazing accomplishments done by all. See you in the new year for another kick ass year.