Goodbye 2016

2016 has been one of the toughest years for our generation, not so much on an economic level, but at a human level. We have seen the rise of movements and ideas that we thought were in our distant past, which have caused anxiety, fear, anger, and confusion.

However, as a cultural collective, we have been talking about change for the last 10 years and we got it, unfortunately, it is not the change most of us wished for. Due to this, we have decided that our thesis for the 2017 will be “Creating Discourse”. This means that THECUBE will be a platform for our members to discuss and debate the tough topics we have ahead, which we will be announcing in 2017.

For us this year has been really good, with many new milestones, we renovated and rebranded THECUBE to focus on science, technology, and design. We secured our first grant to start  our next project (The Centric Lab) which will allow us to implement neuroscience into the built environment. We’ve have also hosted some amazing events and talks this year; Cambridge Coding hosted talks on AI, Jennifer Crouch launched her new exhibit, we also discussed topical and significant subjects such as “Protesting in the 21st Century”, “The Future of Brand” with The Branding Collective, finally we started our Neuroscience meetup and hosted “Is The Brain Predictable?” and “Creating A New Metaphor for The Brain”.

However, most importantly of all we also welcomed great new members; Native, Nuanced, Forma Arts, Ana Mestre, JianXuan Hon, and Oliver Trace.  

We wish everyone a great Holiday Season.