Gregory Crewdson at the Photographer’s Gallery

Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines is currently on show at The Photographer’s Gallery. Taking more than two years to produce and shoot, involving months of casting, storyboarding and having an entire team working on lighting, wardrobe, make up and more, “while still meticulously staged, these portraits seem more revealing and intimate in their evocation of individual souls who seem lost and adrift, despite the trappings of home and material success. ”

The artist uses long exposures, with models having to hold a pose for 90 minutes. “Crewdson situates his disconsolate subjects in familiar settings, yet their cryptic actions—standing still in the snow, or nude on a riverbank—hint at invisible challenges. Precisely what these challenges are, and what fate awaits these anonymous figures, are left to the viewer’s imagination.”



This exhibition is on until 08 October 2016. Make sure to head over there!



THECUBE London is excited to see this exhibition running at The Photographer’s Gallery. Our workspace itself also hosts a series of artists and collectives. We have been fortunate to exhibit works by Dr Matteo Farinella, Jiggling Atoms, Jennifer Grouch amongst many others. Our current exhibition examining Embodiment with the students of CSM’s Art & Science degree will be on until the end of October. Make sure to visit us before it closes. If you would like to meet the artists and learn more about their work, please come for their upcoming event on September 7th!