Hotdesking, dedicated desk space or private office – what suits you?


Over the last 20 years the face of coworking has changes drastically. What initially started with individuals setting up their own businesses, flying solo initially and then slowly building up a team, moved towards start up supported by VC / angel funding. Nowadays we are seeing something different yet again – huge Fortune 500 companies too are renting out spaces in coworking offices to set up satellite offices. One of the reasons coworking spaces work for all – be it solo worker to entire teams – is because of the culture and community coworking spaces offer.

When you are just starting off the most important thing is cash flow and freedom from friction. You do not want to deal with any of the boring stuff – making sure that internet is fast and a printer is close by, that tea and coffee is always available and that you have a professional environment thats conducive to work in.

As the team expands many want some more privacy and a space of their own without giving up the culture and community of a coworking space. This is when people take up the opportunity to move into a semi-private office within the workspace, as it provides them all this without the hassle and admin of setting up and running an office. And all that with flexible lease terms.



THECUBE London has several different memberships options, suitable for individuals or groups of up to seven people in a beautiful private office. We are based in Shoreditch, East London, and have a loyal membership base, with many of our members being with us from the very beginning when we first opened our doors 9 years ago. If you or your team is interested in joining us, just get in touch by emailing