How to choose a coworking space

30th June 2015

As coworking spaces continue to pop up all over London, it makes choosing the right workspace a minefield, especially if you are not in the start-up clique. No coworking space is concieved or run in the same way, each one has its own specific microcosm, so you have to choose a space that fits with you.

1. Is coworking for me?

Just because coworking spaces are everywhere, does not mean they are the right solution for you. Many people are happy working from home and meeting up in places like the British Library when they need to socialise or meet with colleagues. However, if you are looking for a workspace that offers more than a place to meet then coworking might be more suited. A coworking space should offer you tools and resources. It should also be a place that helps you grow your idea or business.

2. What kind of work environment do I want?

Again each coworking space feels and acts differently, so knowing what type of environment suits your work habits is ideal. It should also fit your sense of culture, ie do people at the coworking space value what I value?

3. What kind of people do I want to meet?

Each space will attract a specific type of person, have a look at their website and see if there are people who you would like to meet. It can be people that you would like to collaborate with or potential clients, or just people you find interesting. Ensure that the coworking space supports you with a community of people that are going to enrich you and your goals.

4. What events does the workspace provide?

As you can work from anywhere you need to ask more from a coworking space than just a physical desk. Look at the list of events and see if they will broaden your knowledge or teach you tools that you can use in your business.

5. Do I want a community or just a desk?

A good coworking space will offer you a community and a place to learn new things. However, that may not be something that you need. There are workspaces where all they offer is a desk to work from, which are for people that may not need support or network.