How to Schedule a Project

The schedule of the project is critical for the efficiency, utilization of resources and quality. The construction of the schedule begins after the project has been defined and the project objectives and elements have been agreed upon. The key points that will be scheduled is time and resources.

Mapping the activities will help illustrate how all the activities will interact with each other. The critical activities will begin to be discovered. The critical activities is any activity that can delay the project if not completed on time. The map will begin to show the deliverable for each activity and the show of the overall supply chain.

Project Map

Use arrows and circles to draw the project. Arrows represent activities. Circles represent events or milestones. Activities have time and resources allocation. Events do not have any allocation of time or resource.  Taking the time for mapping makes easier to assign and schedule. Once the map has been constructed start allocating the appropriate resource for each activity. Resources include people, information and any material needed for the project. The core team should assign the minimum amount people to complete each activity. The core team should also assign the appropriate amount of time to complete each activity. The estimation for time must consider the worker is working at a natural rate.

Once all the times have been assigned the project will have a theoretical schedule for the project. Getting the minimum length of time to complete the project is taking the sum of the time of the longest path.