It’s time to reinvent the wheel

11 April 2011

Anytime someone wants to challenge the reason behind the invention of IEA’s brain technology tools they say “why are you trying to reinvent the wheel?” As if it were some great Aristotelian philosophy.

Yes, it’s hard work and we could be wrong, but in the spirit of innovation and invention we know that the more we observe and experiment the stronger the tools will become. The point is that you really do not know what kind of success you will have until you do try. Imagine our ancestors being satisfied with eating raw meat and not having light at night – fire would not have been invented.  

We have an almost natural drive to invent things, which makes our lives better. Therefore to stop ourselves from invention is stopping ourselves from naturally progressing. We would like to consider a different questions – What if we can do better than the wheel?

We are living in a world where there is a wide divide between rich and poor, where our climate is becoming increasingly volatile, and our current economy is losing its effect in creating a sustainable living. Therefore right now is a great time for new inventions, but not just physical ones, but those of the mind. Can we invent new ways of thinking or perceiving to make us better humans? Or can we invent new technologies that will solve crucial problems? Or can we create new business strategies to create a better economy? What is stopping us? In one simple answer is fear of change or even fear of rejection. We are going through huge changes, which is making us value community more, so being the odd one out is not a very attractive psychological state.

However, we must move past this and build communities that are accepting of change, support innovation, and disseminate ideas. If people felt that there were workspaces or communities where independent thinking was the norm, then it could open the doors to more people being entrepreneurs and taking bigger leaps forward. New York and London have the opportunity to be places of change and invention, we just have to get rid of fear and fall back on our natural instincts of innovation. However, it is not just about random invention, it’s about observing where we lack and creating something appropriate.

Finally, If it weren’t for reinventing the wheel, Henry Ford would not have created the car or the Wright Brothers a flying machine.