We Make Websites Launches in NYC

We first met Alex and Piers in 2009 when they were first starting their new business. They came in within months of our opening and neither they nor us had any experience in business, therefore it felt like we were starting our enterprise journey together.

We watched them as they learned about business and web design. Then a few months after that brand and develop their own website. A few months after that, find their first client and then years later watched them move out of THECUBE and into their own office space. In just seven years they built up a business that now staffs 15 people as well as becoming the top Shopify website design agency.

Now this month we watch them launch their business in New York City, where they have chosen our sister space Input Lofts as their home. We cannot wait to see how Alex and Piers take on America and grow their business on an international scale.

One of their great qualities is growing their business one client at a time without taking any investment. This has meant learning how to scale the business from service based to product based, working tirelessly on building an impeccable brand, and creating strong client ties.

We congratulate and wish Piers and Alex all the success as they embark on a whole new phase in their business journey.

It is always exciting to see and follow the journey of our coworkers – from idea to product. Here at our workspace, THECUBE, we are a close knit community. We know each other, we know what everyone is working on, and we support each other. If you are interested in joining our workspace, just drop us a quick email at