Making in Transit

Teacher, physicist, and artist Jennifer Crouch is currently embarking on a two-month expedition to the Artic Circle as part of a residency programme. The project aims to recreate indigenous crafts used in navigation and numerical recording; specifically, ancient Incan Quipu and Inuit hand-carved tactile maps (such as the Ammasalik maps of Greenland).

This recreation of indigenous crafts to navigate and record resources in the Arctic environment provides an exciting opportunity to use tactile items to communicate important information about events occurring in this vulnerable, isolated and spectacular region. An important aim of this project is to explore the role of hand-made technology in an era dominated by screen-based technology, and to(re)discover the relationships that can be formed with our environment through the act of making.

At the end of the expedition, she will be exhibiting ‘Making in Transit‘ – her observations and discoveries at THECUBE from December 2016 to March 2017. The exhibit will also a supportive events programme to explore the technology and science behind this type of navigation.

THECUBE is a coworking space with a fully working gallery and has been supporting young artists since its founding in 2009. We provide this a platform for our members to discuss cultural topics unrelated to business. We have seen how much our members enjoy the rotating artwork as well as their interactions with the artists.

The focus of our exhibits is on art, science, and technology. If you are an artists in these fields, please get in touch for future exhibits.