Making in Transit: Ice

8th December 2016 (7pm)

Join us at the grand opening of the Making in Transit exhibition with a celebration of ICE.

Our first event explores the topic of ice, discover it’s diversity and role in our world and our solar system. With talks from the UK Polar Network on Arctic environmental history, Dr Gabriele Cesare Sosso (form the London Centre for Nanotechnology) on the secret of ice nucleation, and a talk about the poles of the planet Saturn from Ellie Armstrong (MA Art Science CSM, Oxford Univeristy).

We will host ice themed workshops starting with an ice-cream-making demonstration, looking at how ice-cream was made in the 18th century (tasting is much encouraged); and an experimental collaborative art piece using frozen ink and salt crystallisation.

The piece will be exposed to the elements until our next event on the 15th December 2016 on the topic of – Transformation!