MEMBER PROFILE: Juliano Binder & Nirvaris

Juliano Binder, Owner and Director of

Juliano joined the space in June after setting up his company Nirvaris in November 2015. They develop bespoke and scalable products from scratch, connected to other programmes and web services to capture, exchange and present data.

Juliano splits his time between his home country of Brazil, where a lot of Nirvaris’ tech team are based and London where he’s worked in different stints since 2008.

Earlier in the year CUBE member Alix Waterhouse was working with Juliano to get a bespoke app developed for her bespoke Yoga studio and we asked how it was going, as they were both CUBE members working together, always good to check in. Alex gave a glittering review, that he was understanding in person and his tech team super quick when given instruction. We changed our website this summer given that we were unhappy with the speed, performance and lack of editing we had at our disposal. For some reason still unbeknown to us we chose WordPress which for tech-illiterate people was a slight mistake but we got there in the end focusing on the core work at hand knowing that we’d pay for bespoke coding to be done at some point.

I sat down with Juliano for some tech advice and he asked LOADS of questions for which I didn’t have the answer. Clearly taking the next stages of website hosting, domain mapping etc etc and the other things I had no idea about was all too much by myself.

Juliano set out what we needed and how to get it done. When there was a problem with moving the template around, he and his team solved it, attempting that by myself would have been a nightmare. When we requested edits, and they were done quicker than planned and honestly charged. When there was problems with getting the domains moved around as things got quite confusing over who was hosting what (long story), his team were on hand to get to the bottom of things.

When we discovered a problem with uploading an image to the website, something that drove me almost crazy. He and his team not only were happy to diagnose the problem but also solve it (at no charge). Whilst he may not be happy that I’m saying he does free work that’s not the point, that’s the value you get when working with smaller, more niche organisations like Nirvaris. They understand what it is to be a person trying to get something done.

So many times we all hear about “oh, in coworking spaces you all end up working together”, sometimes when you run a space, you also end up working together. We couldn’t recommend Juliano & Nirvaris any higher, delighted to have them as members and people that help us with the site.

THECUBE is workspace set up in 2009 as a response to the financial crisis of 2008. THECUBE’s original aim was to try and answer how through spatial and cultural design people could collaborate together in order to create new business and economy. Our space has changed a little bit, some of members have left but the our ethos of curating a collaborative community of curious minds is keeping that aim alive.