Making in Transit II – Welcome back!

26th January 2018 at 7 pm


We are super excited to have artists and scientist Jennifer Crouch and the second part of the Making in Transit exhibition back in our space until the end of April. Making in Transit is an exploration of mapping, navigation and our relationships to land and sea. It contemplates the absurdity of the sublime – the feeling of insignificance amidst the sheer enormity of the Arctic landscape; the terror of a beautiful, relentless landscape which, resulting from our carelessness and abundance is increasingly vulnerable.


On Friday the 26th of January 2018, PHASE 2 (part two of Making in Transit) opens with a collection of artworks by Jennifer Crouch exploring how we experience space in the natural and built environment. Featuring a collection of architectural drawings, dioramas and paintings Making in Transit’s ‘PHASE2’ presents speculative visualisations of habitable, traversable, communicable spaces that focuses on how a lack of space – mentally and physically – can make us feel and respond. Illusions and diagrams manipulate scale and perspective while colours, textures, symbolism and mythological futuristic representations provide euphoric escapism. Where indeed can we escape and should we seek to? How can scales of magnitude, direction and sensory experience help to ease our unease in a world that is full and whose history is an ever accelerating catalogue of disasters?

Our opening Making in Transit lecture thus begins with new tales from the remote, isolated Arctic wilderness. Artist Hannah Scott and writer Nanou Blair Gould discuss their discoveries as members of the Arctic Circle Residency 2017. Their exploration of the remote archipelagos of Svalbard while sailing the High Arctic seas abroad the Tall Ship Antigua brings stories of the extreme terror and wonder of the Arctic, describing the extent and abundance of plastic that pollutes the world’s oceans, which does indeed end up in the most remote parts of the globe. The talk will include a brief history of plastic and some examples of how the future of plastic is changing.

As a graduate of the MA Art and Science degree programme at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, Hannah Scott is an artist with an interest in the creative relationships between art and science. Her practice explores ways of visualising and communicating climate change, and addresses ideas relating to the Anthropocene, identity, legacy and loss, through installation, film, photography and painting. Hannah was awarded a MullenLowe NOVA award in 2017 for on-going work exploring the impact of plastic on the environment.

Nanou Blair Gould is a writer based in North London. Half British, half Flemish, she grew up in Italy and moved to London to study Creative Writing at Roehampton University. Through punchy narrative voices and dark humour, Nanou writes fiction about ordinary characters thrown into extreme natural settings. She will return to the Arctic in 2018 to work aboard the traditionally rigged tall-ship, hoping to create work that will inspire people to embrace exciting and sustainable lifestyles. Nanou is one half of new writing/ acting duo Teraxacum Theatre. She has written and performed plays for both the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe Festival. Fincham Press has published 3 of her short stories.

If you would like to join us, please reserve your spot here.


Making in Transit will host a series of free events which unpack many different subjects relating to making, mapping and how we respond to our environment. Our programme of events includes talks and creative workshops from artists, scientists and academics working in fields as varied as climate science, polar science, the anthropology of design, atmospheric physics, seafaring, policy making, artificial intelligence and ethics. So keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming events!



THECUBE is excited to have Jennifer back here in the space, examining these critical and timely thematics. Our members here at the workspace love her beautiful, delicate work and inspiring events.