MIT: Awe and Space

13th January 2017 (6.30pm)

Welcome to 2017! To bring on the new year Making in Transit presents an evening exploring the themes of Awe and Space on Friday the 13th of January 2017.

How do we respond to physical space emotionally? What is it about the relationship between our senses and our brains that can fill us with fear or wonder of a place? How is it possible for great works of architecture or immense open spaces to influence how we feel so strongly?

Explore the neuroscience of emotion and discover how interdisciplinary practice emerges in strange new spaces. Expect discussions about brains, feelings, outer-space and life in the Arctic Circle and on a tall ship.


  • Mihaela Mitrovic: Oxford Foundation for Theoretical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
    • She will discuss the neuroscience of Awe and Space
  • Dr Silke Lange: Central Saint Martins, UAL
    • He will be in conversation with Jennifer Crouch (Making in Transit, Arctic Circle Residency 2016; CABI) on the subject of Interdisciplinary Practice and working environments.
  • Melanie Kathryn King:┬áLumen Studios
    • She will discuss imaging celestial bodies and bubbles and the role of Awe and Space in her creative practice.


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